Choosing a private editor is a big decision!  You wouldn't buy a car without test driving it first!


Why a Private Editor?


Consistent editing is key!  When you send your images to a large company your images will be edited by a different person each time resulting in inconsistent edits.  Denize will work closely with you to build trust and perfect your style and will always be available by email, phone or video conferencing to ensure that your images are edited to perfection.


What is a Boutique Photo Editor?


A boutique photo editor is your own personal photo editor.  Unlike the 'big box' photo editing companies, Denize will be the ONLY person editing your images every time.  You will work closely with her to ensure your images are exactly the way you want them every time!  You will essentially train her to match your exact style giving you complete control over your edits.  You will have direct access to phone, email and video conferencing to communicate with her and build a trusting long-term relationship with a consistent unique style.  When you work with Denize you will have so much more time in your schedule to really focus on growing your business and taking it to the next level.


What is your editing style?


With so many photographers in the field, it's more important than ever that your images stand out.  How you edit your work is just as important as how you operate your camera.  If you have been struggling to find your own personal style, Denize will work closely with you to create the style you've been envisioning, but just haven't quite got there yet!  It can take years to perfect your editing style and is a very tedious process that often results in inconsistency in your work and a whole lot of stress!  If you are still struggling to find your own personal unique style, let her save you time to help you create the style that is right for your business.

Contact Denize to receive 5 complimentary images for you to review and give feedback.  If you are a good fit, you can move forward and start planning how you are going to spend all your extra time!